We See Coffee People

We appreciate the hard work that goes into bringing specialty coffees to our roastery. That’s why we work hard to represent these incredible coffees in a way that brings respect to everyone involved because we believe that coffee has everything to do with relationships.  Anyone anywhere along the way that touches the coffee we roast and serve creates an important connection we want to pass along.  From the farmers that begin the process all the way to your cup, we want to positively impact the people we serve.

We roast to order in small batches on a Loring S7 Nighthawk and a 5 kilo Diedrich.  Art or science?  Yes.  There are some fundamental scientific principles involved in developing the inherently great flavors and aromas found within coffee that have the potential to achieve balance.  Taking into account the intended use of each coffee, we can then add the human element of subjective interpretation and bring the artistic aspect of coffee roasting to life.  The art of balance is what we follow in our approach to roasting.



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