June 27, 2024

Tea Highlight: Sage Lavender White

By Vantage Coffee Roasters
Tea Highlight: Sage Lavender White

So often we think about tea as the sweet and iced kind, but this tea option, Sage Lavender White, breaks the mold! I mean, what a great mix of flavors just in the name alone! 

First, this tea is a blend of white peony tea, sage leaves, lavender buds, lemon verbena leaves, and iconic blue cornflowers. Only the white peony tea has the caffeine kick, but it doesn’t have the high caffeine levels of a black tea or matcha. Lavender and sage add an amazing floral quality that matches great with the light honey notes of the white tea. Although we don’t think about sage much outside of holiday cooking or baking, sage adds herbal and earthy notes to this blend of a tea that is unmatched!The citrusy notes come in through both the lemon verbena as well as the added lemon and orange extract. This brightens up the brew and rounds out the earthy and herbal flavor from the sage and white tea. 

This tea is great hot or iced, but personally, I believe this tea shines best as iced. After brewing and cooling the tea to room temperature, it blends well with any drink you could imagine! We make a few drinks with it, notably our Sage Lavender Lemonade, which adds lavender syrup and is topped off with lemonade. It could even be added to mocktail recipes or an afternoon fruit tea recipe to make any afternoon a special occasion! If you choose to have this tea hot, the tea pairs wonderfully with honey and a lemon wedge. The sweetness from the honey and the brightness from the lemon wedge would brighten up anyone’s day! 

Pick it up at any Vantage Coffee Roasters or Higher Ground location in our retail tins, or you can order and ship it to your front door from our website here! It is a must have for any tea drinker and is available year round whenever you need it! 

This blog was written by Brett Evans.